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Leyden Rock

Leyden Rock Help educate and raise awareness about the potential hazards of new building developments around Rocky Flats and Leyden Rock by visiting Our community is against the creation of a so-called wildlife refuge on plutonium-contaminated soil, as well as the pumping of water from the area’s Western slope for the controversial housing projects. Support us!  

Arvada has new home development projects that you can consider if you need to move there. Leyden Rock is one of up and coming neighborhoods for people with active lifestyle. It is in northwest Arvada and notable for its open and pristine rural space. The open space covers 65 percent of the land, and 17 miles of it are trails that are interconnected with the open space system and regional trail. The place is still being developed along with its neighborhood parks, clubhouse, and pools.
Candelas is another option that you can consider. It has residential properties nestled on a vast mountain pastureland that is reminiscent of the American west. Candelas has everything from single-family homes to opulent custom properties, town homes, and condos. The developers are planning to build a town center and commercial spaces in Candelas, too, to infuse the area with employment and livelihood opportunities.
It is important to research about the areas of Candelas and Leyden Rock before you decide to buy a home in either of those places. Candelas Concerns can tell you more. Use this website to discover the possible health and safety risks that are associated with living in areas that are close to a former nuclear weapons development facility, specifically Rocky Flats Plant, which was in active use from 1952 to 1992. Find out about the history of Rocky Flats in this website. Candelas Concerns hopes to make you an informed buyer before you decide to purchase a home in these areas. 

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